Hello! (newbie with dodgy hip!)


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Jan 31, 2013
Hi everyone, I have been lurking for a little while and finally got up the courage to post. I'm 32 and have recently started riding again after a break of about 12 or so years. I have had 3 hip replacements due to congenital hip dysplasia as a child which resulted in osteoarthritis when I was 28. The first replacement went really well and I have no pain at all, but the right side has been a little more complicated, after the first replacement decided to move. I had a revision in March of last year and am still in a lot of pain. The surgeon thinks it may be infected this time. Anyway, I finally got back onto a horse recently and it was fantastic, I only did half an hour to start with but didn't get too much stiffness the next day, and am SO happy to be riding again!! Sorry for the rambling :)
Hello and welcome :smile:
And don't apologise for rambling ..... I do it all the time.
Great that your back riding again and having a big smile on your face. Constant pain can be so debilitating and depressing, nice you've got the riding to cheer you.
You are very welcome here. It is easy to get the idea that one needs a perfect body to ride a horse, whereas on NR many of us know the happiness of being carried along by a willing four legged companion. Please keep on posting.
Hello and welcome.... oh, ramble away.... it is veritably encouraged on here!!! :mstickle:
Hello! :wavespin:

Great to hear that despite your physical challenges you've managed to start riding again. Looking forward to your stories.
Hello, Look forward to hearing on your progress, that hip sounds awfull.. hope they get it sorted soon x
Hello and welcome to NR where the people are strange, some a little weird others just plan potty so we all get along just fine.

Ha Ha! yes thats great:smile:

Welcome to NR Trinity 80.

Sorry to hear about your hips.

I think gentle riding will help as it does really help to keep the joints moving with the action of the horse.

Hope the hip is not infected, that can be nasty and painful, keep on at the doctor to get the infection cleared up if there is one. Good luck for a full recovery, its a slow process but I really hope you get there. You are young so thats a plus. Movement and muscle strengthening will help enormously and stop anything fusing together.

My Brother in law is waiting for a hip replacement, he has Arthritis.
Hello Trinity 80 and welcome to NR.

I had a hip replacement 18 months ago which was because of arthritis after the hip was fractured a few years before. I can't imagine what it must be like to have 3 replacements especially at such a young age.

I hope all goes well for you, and enjoy your riding.
well done you

my OH broke his hip when he was 30, slipped on ice, wasn't diagnosed treated correctly at the time. He has had 3 hips so far, 1 a rebore which is not a nice procedure, he is due to have his knee done in May so he will be pretty bionic by then.

it's great to get back on board after a break, I have started riding after a 7 year gap and really enjoying it.