horse advert on telly!


Currently horseless!
Oct 8, 2008
i was wondering what this advert was for, and where i could find a video of it.

it started off as a cartoon of a horse with a guy riding it, then turned to black and white, then a colour western, then some other stuff, ending up with some guy riding this horse bareback through a city over cars and stuff firing a gun at someone.

it was such an amazing advert, i just wondered if anyone had seen it and knew what it was for???

edit: thanks rolston charm for finding it!!! been wondering about it for so long!
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I have a feeling it was either a car or mobile wavering towards the mobile....gah it's gonna annoy me all night now! :eek:


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Sep 4, 2008
i havent seen it but would like to , always loved the milkyway kid on the telly when i was younger
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