Horse or stable reunited happy ending thread


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Mar 15, 2008
This is a thread to let us know yr success stories. I read through the threads but you never know if someone sends pm and horses or people are reunited. So let us know. Have you found your long lost pony:)
Jun 28, 2006
Lovely Leicester
Didn't find him through here and he's not exactly long lost as I knew who owned him and went to see him in his new home exactly a year ago tomorrow but I want to share :p

One summer's day me and my friend were walking along a canal path for no real purpose, just out for a walk because we'd nothing to do and I looked across the canal to a field of horses and thought 'hey that skewbald looks just like Harry' and lo and behold it was him, he'd moved homes again I knew that but I didn't know where to but there he was :D We stood there for ages just watching him, a lady in her canal boat thought we were staring at here and gave us a few dodgy looks :p We tried to walk round into the yard to get closer but they had signs up saying 'guard dogs on site, do not trespass' so we left it but it was nice to see him happy in that field with other horses and even though we didn't get close I'm certain it was him. See for yourself ;)

This is him when I knew him

And this is what we saw :)

I do miss the grumpy old man:p
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Sep 14, 2007
I managed to find out where a trekking centre i used to ride at on holiday moved to so as soon as i'm back down in Cornwall i'll be booking a ride and meeting up with some long-lost equine friends :)!

Kc Mac

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Aug 22, 2008
I still have had no luck finding my old mare unfortunately but what surprise NR did throw me was Indie's (my current horse) loaner from a few years ago before i had him!! So i have found out a little more about what he had done before coming into my life :D