How much to sell for / pay to buy


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Aug 6, 2007
For those who ask for horses values or purchase prices, just have a look at the link below

These are the results of the last auction at York Horse Sales

For those out of region York is a decent horse sale not a meat one. Usually most horses have a warranty and can be tried out before buying. They used to fetch some decent prices

Shocking isn't it


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May 25, 2008
NS assume not sold, was that because they didn't reach their reserve or no one interested.

NF what does this mean.

Looks like some lovely sounding horses going for peanuts.


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Sep 5, 2009
Yup, makes me consider going to York when I can drive and when I want to get a horse eventually ... truly a 'buyers market' at the moment!


Sep 13, 2009
Interesting, York is only an hour and a half away and seems like its a much nicer auction than Beeston.

I am considering getting a youngster late August early September time so it maybe worth a trip!!
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