Hunting today - PICS AND VIDS ;) lol

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Nov 7, 2007
North Cotswolds
Well i took Lantern hunting today and it was a great day, he got really wound up when i was plaiting him etc so i was expecting ot have a bit of a troublesome day. But the first bit was downhill and i expected our trot to end up in a gallop down hill (my worst nightmare) but no he was fab, trotted all the way down then cantered when i asked.

We then walked round the edge of a field then i caught sight of my first ever jump out hunting on Lantern. A narrow rail, a fairly decent height. I was SO nervous, no idea how he was guna react. Anyway to say he is impatient waiting to jump is an understatement. He did a weird little bunny hop ran at it got to close and lept it. Didn't even realise he could jump like that!

Then we had to come back over it and we had jumped down a drop so it was big, Lantern was fab and led two horses over it! (since when was Lantern a bold jumper!). Then we came to an even narrower rail! It looked pretty boggy in front but not to bad, again we led two other horses over it!!

Then lot's of galloping etc. Then the day went like that for a bit galloping jumping etc. When all of a sudden he went pretty loopy, a group of four of us took a slightly different route and had to jump a couple of ditches. Jumped the first perfect then bolted at the second fell on his knees got up and tanked off!!! That carried on for about 30mins then i decided to go home.

On my way home i ended up meeting them again, and decided to carry on as they were heading toward my yard. Having lost my find-a-way-round-the-massive-jumps partner i had no choice but to jump. Which i'm glad of because i was being a poof earlier on.

We got to a tiger trap - didn't look to big. Again he ran at it got to and suddenly realised, well it went something like "S*it that is bloody MASSIVE" lol. But he popped over it :D

Then whilst crossing a a very narrow bridge he managed to fall through it!!! It was very rotten but typically it was me! We were both fine. Then crossed another bridge with an immediate turn left (not much run up) to a decent sized rail which he popped over - the lady behind me fell off!

Then i came home :D But all in all a fab day, oh and everyone who thought i shouldn't take him with mud fever (which isn't bad) he was fine it's not flared up at all.

So anyway here are the pics, didn't get any action ones as that's a bit difficult! A lady is guna email me a couple from the meet though!

In the yard...

Leaving.. (doesn't he look fit and not thin)

Hacking upto the meet with the hounds...

At the meet...



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Jul 3, 2008
Washington, West Sussex
Aww he looks so fab, very handsom lad, I am soooo jealous!:D
In fact, i'm going to make it my one horsey goal - have a day hunting! When I have learned a lot more though obviously lol :eek:


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Nov 19, 2008
Thanks everyone!!
Yeah i actually think he looks great, not biased or anything!
My mate didn't even recognise him today he has changed so much!! :D

Well that's a great reflection on you. You are doing a good job with him obviously.

When is the next hunt then?? ;)


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May 20, 2006
North Yorkshire
Great pic's he's looking really well :)
Im going hunting for the first time mounted on Tuesday I can't wait but am quite nervous but it should be fun!!


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Jan 19, 2005
what a lovely chap you have! He looks Fit and healthy...well he must be with all that galloping he can do!


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Sep 17, 2008
awww hes gorgous, glad you had fun!
one question, what kind of bit is that???
ive seen it before when ive been hunting, but dont actually no what it is!!!