i love my dad but medi is MY pony let me do it my way PLEASSSE


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Aug 6, 2007
Sorry to hear you pony is sick.

No intention of commenting on your problems with your Dad :D,

You really dont want to dry this up. The usual way to clear up an abcess is to keep it open so it can drain. Most people do this by poulticing to draw the puss out. If you seal it the pressure will build up until the pony is in pain again and then it will burst out again.


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Dec 11, 2006
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Had it occurred to you that your dad might not be worried about the abscess in your ponies foot, but might be worried about his daughter being kicked in the head from a pony objecting to having said abscess poked and prodded?:rolleyes:

Im not surprised he wouldnt let you do it, you have said yourself that she may have reared - not a good position for anyone to be in. He knows this had to be done, hence i expect why he put himself in danger and poulticed the abscess for you. But you dont seem very appreciative.:rolleyes:

it does sound like you did not know the appropropriate course of action any more than your dad did - as has been pointed put abscesses must be left to drain. But did you thank your dad for helping you out in the first place with said rearing pony?

Please could you also re-read your posts to check for grammar and spelling before pressing the submit button. This board also does not permit text speak, so please do not use it.:mad:
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Aug 12, 2007
Many Many years ago I was a young girl with my first pony, my dad helped me enormously.

He also could be a pain in the neck doing things his way and not too my liking.

We had a lot of cross words let me tell you, but we also had a lot of fun together, and when things went wrong my dad was always there for me.

He continued to be there, into my teens , my twenties, thirties and well beyond that.

I lost my dad 6 years ago, I wish he was still here getting on my nerves:)


forgot to put i wasnt aloud to hold her or do it !!

Ah, its understandable though really. An abscess is going to be sore, imagine your reaction if you had a massive pus filled cut on the sole of your foot, or whatever like that and people started prodding and poking, it would hurt and most definately you'd react. So really your Dad was right to not let you do it, just think how Medi mightve reacted, she mightve reacted badly, rearing and fighting and all manner, kicking and whatever not, your Dad *I presume(;)Joke)* is bigger and stronger than you so ideally coudlve handled the situation better. Hes only looking out for you chick. :)

cecilyhill, your post was really touching.:eek:


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Apr 11, 2006
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ahh thats what dads are for hun - they get in the way and annoy you but at the end of it all, hes your dad and he loves you :)

my dads going away on business for 2 weeks soon and i'll never admit it to him but im gonna miss him :(


May 23, 2006
Cambridge, UK
Echo Spiggly and CecilyHill - it's not really surprising that your parents are putting you out of harm's way! It's what parents are supposed to do - look after their children. :rolleyes:
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