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May 7, 2002
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Recently there have been several threads linking to and criticising vids posted on youtube by third parties. While NR does in no way condone what is happening in some of those linked to, nor can it condone the vigilante attacks made on those who posted the videos by members of this board.

We are therefore asking members not to link to videos they have not taken themselves for the sole purpose of criticising them.

Members are welcome to post links to their own videos, but links to others' videos will be removed.

Members should also be aware that such attacks on others (regardless of whether or not you feel they are warranted) have no place here, and anyone persistently posting attacks on others may find themselves banned.

There is a difference between positive or constructive critisism and the kind of attack we've seen here recently. Attacks will in no way be tolerated.
Not open for further replies.