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Tomorrow can change what happens today
Mar 15, 2008
A field
Nobody had suggested sandwiches, a good book and a stool, so I will go outside the box in my thinking.
You simply wait them out.
I did this when I was getting the cob to hack out past the nope I'm done spot/ going home spot. I took a book and an hour later she moved off.
I was relaxed, calm, didn't care and I knew at some point she's going to get bored long before I do because it was a good book.
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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
We always have a lunge line with us, if plays up and plants then we tie it to back of trailer and then bring round back , have lunge whip ready, apply pressure with rein round back end at same time crack whip behind, we generally don't have to make contact with Pony the pressure and noise is enough to encourage forward movement - it solved our issues with Tess and Charlie, don't need it now for Charlie as once he realised it was easy to do as asked he stopped refusing. at the end of a long day showing the last thing you need is to spend a couple of hours loading.

WE practiced at home so only had one episode at a show following the work at home, but the lunge rein is always with us just in case.
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