Looking for a rescue dog

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Jun 14, 2015
I have never had to choose a dog. The first belonged to an old lady who was too ill to look after her. The second we just rang a re homing centre, told them we like Border Collies and they had just had one brought in, we went to see him and fell in love. The third one was saved from being PTS by the vet nurse who is the daughter of the owner of the livery yard where I kept my pony at the time.
We have decided we need a dog in our lives. We went to the 'local' re homing centre 30 minute drive away. I was expecting to see lots of dogs and having to pick one of them which would be difficult.
However, most of the dogs had been reserved, some were unsuitable (not good with other animals, need to wear muzzle at all time, too big etc) of the 50 plus dogs in there there we three that were suitable.
Lola was a collie/ lab cross ( like the one we had just lost) but she had just that morning been reserved.
Zilda (!!!!) a 7 month old border collie couldn't be re homed for another week as she was a stray and they allow 4 weeks for the owner to claim. We then found out that one of the staff was taking her anyway. Then we saw Max. A staffie, 4 years old and in the centre for 3 years. We asked about him, but decided against him as he had issues which explained why he hadn't managed to find a home. Feel so sorry for him though.
We were told that we need to go in very regularly to even stand a chance of getting a dog, the turnaround is so fast. We were told about one who will be up for re homing next week, a small German shepherd type. Need to ring back on Friday once they have had time to assess his behaviour and see if/ what issues he has.
Didn't think it would be this hard.


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Apr 16, 2009
I had loads of issues then they wouldn't let us have one as we both worked full time.

In the end I got one from a pre loved add from a small rescue centre. She has been a dream


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I had the same as OBC, although ex and I worked staggered shifts they were really difficult about it, in the end they wouldn't let us because we didn't have a private enclosed garden (was shared as we had a flat at the time) though I had my own yard and the dog would be there at least twice a day for several hours but that wasn't good enough. I ended up buying a puppy.

I went a few times to our local dogs trust over the years, they too always seem to have loads already reserved and very few that are suitable (in their opinion) for most normal homes, its such a shame.


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Jun 4, 2014
Try your local greyhound rehoming centre, we've had 3 dogs from there with no issues with the charity whatsoever :) They've been incredibly helpful & accommodating.

I think most smaller, local and/or breed specific rescue centres are better than the big, national centres - we had similiar struggles to you when we tried the larger ones.

Good luck!
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Jun 14, 2015
My husband is retired, but works as a subcontractor for 2/3 days a week, we have doggy day care cover for when we are both out at work, so as far as the rescue centres are concerned he is retired. End of. We would never leave a dog for more than a couple of hours on its own anyway. It drives me mad when there are people wanting to re-home a dog and we have to jump through hoops to get one and have to pay a large adoption fee too. It is much, much easier to go buy a puppy. Hence why people now see dogs as a way of making money!

I wouldn't mind a greyhound, however we want a dog that can be let of the lead in the woods and not have to worry about it chasing small dog, squirrels etc, so may not be the best choice for us.
I am an enormous fan of border collies - I did have a quick look at a rescue site on the internet last night and there a couple on there that I would be interested in.
I'm sure the right dog is out there waiting for us - we just have to find him.
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Jun 14, 2015
We are in Lancashire.
Just seen a gorgeous collie in Yorkshire private sale, But he is deaf - anyone had any experience/ known any deaf dogs?


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
My old Springer is now almost completely deaf. She still runs out with the other dogs, but she is careful to keep me in sight the whole time. She responds to my demeanour and hand signals. She's a clever dog, and I am sure a collie would cope. It's only been a problem once when we got separated and I couldn't get her attention to get her back to me.


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Dec 21, 2011
Shetland, UK
Best of luck. I ended up being black listed because I said I would let a lurcher chase a rabbit on my own land! Apparently that is a heinous crime and I was labelled "A Hunting Home" and refused any dog.

So, I turned to FB and found a delightful staffy with a gorgeous smile, phoned up, explained what had happened and that I was really looking for a lurcher, and they told me about one in Elgin that had been found a-wandering the streets. He was in a cattery for until he was either claimed or rehomed. I took him and neither of us have ever looked back.

So, moral of boring story, look for independent run places or people. Out there is your dog - he/she will find you!

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Jun 14, 2015
Just rung up about a border collie quite close to us. Only an hour after he had been listed on Preloved. Not yet 12 months old and not neutered (which is the downside) being rehomed due to lack of time. Hubby going to meet him on Thursday and if he seems suitable for us we will have a home visit on Saturday.
Excited now :D
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Jun 14, 2015
He comes on Monday!!
From a family about 15 minute drive away. They are both high fliers and work long hours. two teenaged girls. They called in an animal behaviourist (D) because the puppy ( who is only 7 months old) was misbehaving. D sorted out the problems but convinced them to re-home him as he isn't a suitable dog for them.
My husband had a 3 1/2 hour "interview" yesterday when he met Teddy in his own home, brought him back to ours and then took him ( and D ) on a walk to show them the area. D was extremely impressed with where we live. He said the walk they went on was probably the longest one Teddy had ever had - and it actually the shortest walk we ever do with a dog!!
The lady was actually working until 11.30 last night so he had to wait until today to let us know if we were successful.....he rang at 8 this morning.

I am going to meet Ted tomorrow and he is coming to live with us on Monday - she wants her dad to be able to say goodbye to him this weekend.


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