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Aug 29, 2017
Appreciation post to all those mams out there i dont know how you all do it!
I feel like I'm trying to domesticated a wild animal.
I'm currently sat in my kitchen trying to have a 5 minute peaceful, but not too peaceful cuppa as I hear the angelic voice of my nearing two year old toddler calling "mamma, mamma, mamma" on repeat! (Angelic was sarcasm by the way, she has recently taken to biting and hair pulling, oh joy)
My mam brought up 3 of us near enough on her own as well as being a working mother! I've always looked up to my mam but after having a child of my own really makes me appreciate just how wonderful she is. Thanks mam!
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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Sounds like yo have your hands full:oops::D
I've no kids so can't really comment as such, but I think animals are sooooo much easier:p:D
(And yeah respect to all mums out there:))
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