Our second outing :)


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Well it was another Sunday and another Dressage test for me and Sox :D

This time, unlike last time I was going to be more prepared and remember my show gear! We had been practising hard recently, trying to improving on his transitions and getting him into a contact. Pleased to say my hard work, is slowly paying off :D We, me sox another girl from the yard and her horse all set off in good time. My YO had helped me plait, sox is in need of a very good groom as he has 'wool' that formed a lot of his plaits! That's a tomorrow job! Getting to the yard around 11:30 I wasn't due for a hour , so we hung around a bit like lemons for a short while. Then 30 mins before we went in to warm up. I was practicing transitions, getting him to listen to me ( which proved easier said then done with tractors, a number of golfers going by the far right hand side of the school!) But when he did listen. I was able to get him working well and working from behind and come up through his back into a contact. Though we didn't have it all the way through the warm up it was a 100 times better then a month ago when he did his giraffe impression for much of that warm up!
Then of course. Our time to Shine! First time without a caller, my anxieties were making me worried I would forget the test:eek:. Intro B we were tackling.

Came out, very pleased with sox, however I was worried I had buggered up the test due to going back to walk at the wrong end of the school and we were meant to stretch on a circle .But by the time I got him round we were at X then he was looking out the gate ( Indoor school) and shying so almost before I knew it we were back to A, however we sneaked in a tiny stretch! Though our free walk across from FXM on a long rein scored high as sox likes to stretch and our halt was one hoof away from being square!

Took him back into the warm up for 20 mins before hacking back home. We got a few comments from people there how I had turned up in show gear this time and how smart we looked. Yes he did! I on the otherhand...
Got back, unplaited him and give him a quick brush before driving to the yard for my results.
2ND PLACE! No, there wasn't only two people in the class, there was four :)
We got 63.3% 1st place got 65. something % so not far off first place again :)
Very happy indeed!!!
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How we stood around like lemons for a while!

56968300_10161461806175167_7723887374865793024_n[1] (2).jpg

We almost look like we know what were doing!


Happy Days!!!

Arriving back home :)