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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I thought I would give you all a update on me and Sox. :)

I have been pretty quiet around here but I still lurk..

Anyhow Since the snow has all gone from our side I can use the school and hack. YM gave me a lesson a few days ago just in walk and tiny but of trot. He was really good.

The Vet, E, came to do his Winter Health Check ( My reasoning is if I get them out this time and he is due his cushing bloods in April. Then he is already seeing the vet. Therefore he Shouldn't do anything for them to come out before hand, that's the plan. If I get the before him he wont need to 'call' them out) :D
So vet came out. Checked his heart, lungs, eyes, watched him trot up on the hard and soft, did his teeth and took bloods.
He got the all clear. Pretty much! Apart he was 1/10 in his left hind. Vet said it was ever ever so slight however the ground was a little uneven and rocky. We lunged him in the school. I thought he would explode. He did get exited. Doing a few bucks and leaps. Then did a lovely trot here he flicks his toes out! E was like ' Wow! Sox I never knew you could move like that!!' I was like as he isn't normally feeling This well when I have to call you out!
He was sedated for his teeth. Bloods came back clear. :D
Rode him again yesterday and today, just in walk and a tad of trot. It was SO windy here!!

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Oct 10, 2004
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Oh wow, you both look great. You really inspire me as you have stuck with Sox through lots of medical problems and you have come through it. It is great to see him looking so well.
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