Riding hat standards

Feb 5, 2009
Hi. Am very confused about riding hat standards. BETA information is no help. What hat standard should I be buying for my 4 year old grand-daughter who rides (sits on) my shetland pony for approx 30 mins, 5 -6 times a year?


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Dec 21, 2003
Although we bought Snell for a teenager who was jumping, we had 5 grandchildren who rode as a treat only a few times year on lead out ponies. For them we either hired RS hats or bought the basic level hats. You can see the pdf list of hats for BHS recognised Riding Schools here


I think it is very difficult to specify a brand as fit will depend on the shape of your child's head but ours came from Champion. If you go to a website of a reputable saddler you will see the well known brands Charles Owen and Champion and Gatehouse.
The champion equivalent to what we bought is mow given as
The Junior Pro-Lite is a low profile modern style helmet, featuring a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell, ventilated through four ventilation points and secured by a 3 point polypropylene harness incorporating a quick release buckle for ease of use. Specially designed cartoon character lining.

Standard: PAS 015 2011; VG01 01 2012.

British Kitemarked to PAS 015 2011

If I had actually owned a horse and the child was riding regularly and there was only one child, I might have spent more.I might add that I started riding in a hard hat of this standard and fell off several times in a sand school without head injury.
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