Sunday jaunt


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
After my exciting Friday night I was going to skip Sundays meet up, but I was awake at the crack of dawn so caught up on my chores early and toddled off :)

To get to my friends house where we were meeting I have 2 options; 1) about 2 miles through the forest to a little village and 2.5 miles back to her house or 2) down our town high street and a 60 mph road for 1/2 a mile or 3/4 mile on 60mph road but it has a cycle path along side it for 1/2 mile. Given we had a 2.5 hour ride planned I went with the latter.

All was well, we trotted along the high street pulling over every few hundred yards to let the traffic pass because it was super busy. Then get to the level crossing and they have closed the line and have red flags either side fluttering in the wind, hmm, she was perfect for those then just after a kid popped out from behind a parked truck on a bike with rattily stabilizers, that was horse eating! Gets onto the cycle path and plod along fine, but why is it that cars think that because you are 3ft off the road going past at 60 and splashing puddles at you is ok :mad: thankfully Jess didn't fuss too much (just flinched at the water). Then on the last stretch (with no path) most cars were great, but 2 accelerated towards us :mad:

Anyway, we reached our meeting spot and had a good natter with everyone, and found out the level crossing in the next village was closed so that's why there had been so much traffic and it was the town Xmas bash and light switch on in the afternoon. We hadn't tinseled up as it was all a bit last minute for us but others looked fab and there were lots of jingle bells :) fidget butt ready for the off...
We had a great ride and the weather was perfect, half way through we were near the little village from route 1, so I decided to split off and go back the safe way because of the heavy traffic. Jess was super keen on the way back, we trotted and cantered most of the way :D Once back I washed her off (didn't get her clipped on Saturday in the end) and left her to dry out and hopped in the car and went back to meet everyone for the mulled wine and minced pies portion of the ride :D