The big bad world outside our yard

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
About 4 months ago we moved yards from the posh livery yard back onto our own place 7 acres, 5 stables and locking tack room... been busy working the ponies and settling in to there new home. It been a bit of a challenge having lost our rider due to her going abroad for work... so stormy had time off during this period. We have now found a great new rider to work with him....Yay

Well yesterday was his first time hacking in traffic to the bridle way about 200 yard from our yard.... he went exploring in the big scarey world outside his yard for the first time...... and was a super well behaved big boy....... he come a long way since he was backed in January....he is cantering on both reins now, popping a small jump or two..... doing trot poles and now finally hacking out.

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