The highs and lows of riding!

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Jun 6, 2007
Sunny South Wales
Went jumping tonight at Talygarn (Chris22's place)

Little one (6 year old) won the lead rein class (more like her Daddy ran like the wind - and little one held on for grim death) :D:D

LOVELY rosette - new style and its really gorgeous - and a fantastic trophy - again, its gorgeous

She wanted to have a go at the 1'6" so we said, OK, as she was jumping 1'9 at home fine

Anyway, off she went like a rabbit out of trap :rolleyes: Over 1 fine, went into 2 FAR too fast, somehow the flippin rubber snapped off her safety stirrup (and I have even got her new bent leg irons - just haven't got around to putting them on :eek:), lost her balance, he turned the corner - and off she came :rolleyes:

She was fine, very hurt pride as she was determined to do well - and had been practising really hard for the last week

Went up to the practise jumps - she was fine till she fell off again as she was cantering into the jump (about 1'6) and turned around to shout at her Daddy as she went over the jump :eek: I did point out that that probably wasn't her greatest moment!

As I said, she is fine, her ego is very dented as is her pride!

Talk about her night of highs and lows eh!