The Turning Out Issues!!


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Sep 14, 2009
Tobes is in his own paddock. Amazingly he has accepted this, although he would really prefer to be out with another (who he likes, not just anybody!)

Winter has now arrived and all of ours are more than ready to come in, so YO is getting him in as he has an absolute meltdown if he doesn't come in during winter - nothing in the grass and he much prefers hay and a warm and dry bed - thats just him.

So now we have the whole organising of the turning out of the various horses!!

Fellow liveries daughter (in her late twenties) has a TB who so reminds me of my ex racer. He is very sensitive, and a chestnut, just like mine was. He is like most ex racers a little bit different and the mother has undergone chemo for a brain tumor. I knew her on two yards ago and am fond of her, so have undertaken the ex racers turn out as lovely poorly lady is not keen to turn him out. He is next door to Tobes in the field, but loves the two chestnut hunters who belong to a pregnant lady. She was up early today to turn the out but tomorrow has the farrier ............

Have decided to turn out the two retired TB girls who are opposite to Tobes first, then Tobes, then chestnut TB, so he isn't stressed (well not too much!) Anyone else have these turnout conundrums!!!


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Mar 15, 2008
Good god no, they come in or go out when the owner puts them out, I couldn't be doing with a system. Mine is out anyway but even when we move fields we don't have a system, you get told the day before or on the day your moving. Generally I move her with boyfriend and the others sort themselves.

Sometimes I bring a horse in before mine, she waits, end of. Sometimes I bring her in and tie up, she waits that's life I afraid. She isn't the only horse I handle so she can cope.


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Jan 7, 2013
We help eachother but don't have to,I'm the I ky one who bring in my horse/horses now all year for some of the day so I just do what suits me but in winter won't be for another couple of weeks the rest will come in,5 this year not inc mine,I will do Neala regardless as don't want other people handling her yet,but will feed the others when I arrive about 5.30 and will do Neala first,then will start popping the others out but usually the yo has appeared by then.malaika comes in during the day she just gets on regardless knows her routine and ignores everyone else and Neala seems to be the same neither bother until I appear.


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Jul 16, 2003
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at the old yard, I had an arrangement with a close friend where she turned out Angel and hers and I got them in after work. Simply because by the time I got there nothing else would have been out with Angel otherwise and she is not good out alone (pacing, sweating, screaming, rolly eyes, charging, slipping, scaling of gate ...). I would only ever do this with a good friend though, not tie myself into any sort of wider arrangement.
I'm another one who doesn't have a routine or system. Too much honking for me there lol!

I'm a person who doesn't have a routine at all with the horses some day I'm there to get in an feed at 5 sometimes 9pm and others any where in between. Sometimes they come in one by one sometimes all together depends on if I'm riding or not. They all go out together but that's because they just get herded down to their day field.

I used to be on a yard where the routine was really strict and my life it made for some incredibly stressy horses when jasper was on that yard at feed times especially if we were late.

Now he talks to me as I hand out ther dinners but otherwise he waits patiently and calmly none of them worry they know they're going to get it.


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Mar 2, 2006
I don't stable mine in so don't have any issues like that...but I do keep mine separately from others on the yard, I have a conundrum on riding days, Rosie is boss, she is fine out solo if major and Moët ridden but she needs a net in the winter. I feel like some days I'm juggling nets and horses and nets and horses and buckets and horses lol! But it's only my horses to think about!

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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My horse seems to be the only horse on the yard who is happy to be turned out alone. It makes it very easy for me because I just do what I like and he is happy whatever! Our yard is part livery/full livery only, but I like to do as much as I can myself.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
First yard we were on you turned out other people's horses for them in a morning, because they weren't there and if you didn't want your horse to be lonely it was the only option! It did me the power of good and got me used to handling other people's horses and coping on my own. I was scared at first but got the hang of it. The only time it iritated me was if they didn't bring mine in and left her alone, which I thought was mean but only happened a couple of times. It was give and take I guess and it meant ours (Joe and Storm were in seperate fields at that time, mares in one and geldings in others) could have company.


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Sep 14, 2009
I don't 'have to', but sadly Tobes is not a happy out alone person ........... you are very lucky MP that Ben is - would make my life soo much easier!!!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Like Julie I don't have this problem as I have no stables LOL! :tongue:

At old yard I had to always be first at the yard to turn out in morning as Buffy would try jump out her stable if anything got turned out before her (Field was right outside her stable)....silly welsh mare :redcarded:
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