was in an accident today i'm broken!


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Jun 18, 2008
Took my new loan horse out for his first hack today and surprisingly he was a star! Didn't bat an eyelid, got back to yard to drop of friend and her pony who accompanied us and got off Spooky deciding to walk him down the farm road to his field rather than ride.
Halfway down the road a lorry came trudging up, trucks always come up due to their being chicken pig and dairy farms further up the road from us and we have several passing points with space for us to get the horses in a safe place, however this man cam up and despite me waving practically in his face to stop as i could see there was no room he kept on coming, Spooky and i got crushed between truck and fence and needless to say Spooky went mad, throwing himself at the fence, trying to tun but not managing and although he was not injured through it i certainly was, at one point i was trapped between rearing/bucking horse and truck! I have a fractured wrist, crushed my thigh but luckily its all bruising but also swollen, i have a pulled tendon or whatnot in my neck and my back aches to move.
The truck continued on and rattled passed causing a now terrified Spooky to lunge out toward freedom and his field, unfortunately his reins were tied up round my hand and arm by this point so i was dragged down too.
The police came within minutes and ambulance took me to hospital while the poilice went to question the driver(he's carried on to the farm and was still there) and i should hear from the police tomorrow. After i got out i went straight to the yard to check my boy who was happily munching his hay non the wiser!
Im completely shaken up by the whole thing, at one point i thought we were going under the wheels and ill never forget the look on the drivers face as he glared at me and kept on going! I am so relieved my boy hasnt suffered though x


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May 29, 2008
West Yorkshire
jeez I'm not surprise you're shaken up. that's terrible. I hope he gets done for dangerous driving. How dare he glare at you. I think he needs to be reminded who has right of way.

Luckily neither of you were seriously injured. Hope you feel better soon.

NightMare Rider

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Oct 29, 2008

thats terrible! *press charges againnst the ******* ********** **** that did that! your lucky that you and your horse werent killed!


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Mar 6, 2006
What a dangerous and scary incident! Hope the police manage to impress upon him how dangerous he was being and he never does that again (and preferably charge him with dangerous driving) :mad:
I hope your injuries heal quickly, they sound painful :(

Poor Spooky too, hopefully he won't be nervous around heavy vehicles now, but I'm very glad he's not physically hurt as a result of the experience.
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