We’re off again 😁 pics added

Do you mean the woven wooden fence? We weren’t sure tbh, as 2ft behind it there is deer height stock fence too and it’s just heath there, no crops. So when we came across an estate worker we asked, he said that when the stone curlew (bird) project was done there were a lot of groundwork’s and stuff either side of the path, so the stock fence was put in to keep people off the nesting grounds but then the council decided it didn’t look very nice so added the wooden fence too. But it would have been massively expensive for aesthetics on a path that I have never known anyone else to use, so I actually suspect it was to stop the birds flying into the 6ft tall stock fence.
Yes that's more likely.
I can't really see the council meeting fussy over what something like like unless it's aoab.
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That would have been hot, even by Australian standards. Although I would have been burned to a crisp with bare arms : (
I can't wear sleeveless very often. I seem to burn more than tan.
I have got one of those cool long tops for when it's really hot. Seems to keep you cool by keeping the sun off your skin.