What a bl00dy joke!!!!!!

Star the Fell

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Jun 14, 2015
Got a text from a friend as I was walking to the yard this morning, (She keeps her horses on the land next to mine) to say that some men had turned up to cut down the trees that border my land. She had checked on my horses and seen that Mylo was very upset so had asked them to wait until I arrived.
I got to the yard to be faced by 4 very upset horses. I turned one out into a turnout paddock, gave the other 2 some breakfast then attempted to walk Mylo up to the fold,. He was spinning round, jogging backwards in front of me, when I finally let him go in the field, he was racing around.
I didn’t dare touch the other two horses as they are both hot heads to start with, so I rang their owner to let her know what was going on. Once Mylo had settled a little, I moved the first horse from the turnout paddock to his field with him.
In the meantime the owner of the other two horses had turned up and had managed to get her two into an adjacent field with out being killed.
All this before 8.30 this morning.
None of us knew that this work was being done today, if we had we would have been up at 6 to get the horses settled in the fields furthest from the trees.
The men doing the work were helpful enough, but obviuosly they had quoted the price based on an estimated time to do the job, so weren’t too happy being asked to stop. They hadn’t been made aware that there were horses right next to these teees.
Now the person who owns these trees doesn’t live in the house, but rents it out. SHE HAD TOLD NO ONE THAT THIS WORK WAS HAPPENING TIDAY. So none off the neighbours were able to mention it to make sure we knew about it. She does have the mobile number of P who owns the other two horses, so a quick phone call or even a text wouldn’t have taken a minute of her time and would have prevented all the upset.
Hopefully the work will be finished by the time we go to bring them in tonight.
As you can probably tell, I am fuming about the lack of consideration..


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Apr 25, 2003
so annoying and so avoidable, our twit of a neighbour used to clay shoot on his land which ran parallel to our fields. we asked politely if he would let us know so we could either keep them in or have them in a field furthest away. He refused and on one occasion thumped my OH!


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Dec 3, 2014
Ma, New england
Ohhh I'd be really upset too.

It was very avoidable.

Some people are TOTALLY CLUELESS
to what might upset a horse.

But still a heads up would have been


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Jul 31, 2005
Oh I feel your anger! I arrived at a rented field once to find tree surgeons IN my field chopping off branches with chainsaws! I was fuming and so was my landlord who had asked them to let him know when they'd be coming so that I could move my horses.

Later, the main man tried to get some money put of me, claiming one of my horses had stood on his chainsaw. I told him that (a) he shouldn't have even been IN with the horses and (b) to take it up with the person who employed him, ie, landlord. He tried..... and failed!!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Ergh, not what you need first thing in the morning! Good you managed to get the horses sorted between you.

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Jun 14, 2015
I must admit, it looks so much brighter with the trees down. They’ve gone from being over 30 foot high to around 10.
A lot of annoyed people this morning though, complaining about the noise spoiling their Sunday.
All horses were fine tonight, all came in sound after hoolying around the fields, so we’ve been very lucky.
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Jan 7, 2013
Glad all the horses are ok but not a nice way to start your day and someone should have let you know!