What a day!!


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Well what a day me and the boy have had!!
There was a little dressage show that we were wanting to attend. A few weeks ago while I was practising. Sox shot off, binking like a rabbit!! I sadly came off and ended up in A&E twice as a result of the fall. For a few days after we stayed only in walk. After a few more days I had the confidence to trot him. However each time we hit a corner I was so nervous he would tank off! I got off and for the first time in 5 years I felt nervous on him. I spoke to the YO about missing this show as I felt it would blow his brains! Not to mention another A&E job! So I thought about just going for the hack and for him to gain experience. I had lunged him, mainly because I haven't cantered him in a very long time. Thursday night I was able to loose school him which he loved. I felt more confident. Friday night I long reined him. I was worried as he wasn't his normal self and looked quite stiff. After 15 minutes he let out this large fart and appeared much happier!!!
I decided to enter as I could always withdraw if he was going mad, so that's what I did. The plan was to set off around 10:10 in order to get there with enough time to warm him up a little more before my test at 10:57. The girl I was going with didn't show up until 10:05! Then told me at 10:20 she wouldn't be going. So I didn't have long to get there and I hadn't taken him on the roads in over a month as he was too full of it! We went via the bypass roundabout ( quickiest route, and got there around 10:50 I think. Sadly they had my test at 10:43. So I had to try to fit somewhere else. Then I didn't have a reader as my friend should have been doing it. After that around 11:05. I was told it wasn't Stressage ( where you can wear whatever) and needed to be in show gear. I am around a size 10. There was my YO friends there who agreed to very kindly let me borrow her stuff... Breeches and coat.. However she was a size 18..

Finally it was our turn to shine. We walked in and sox was snorting. I could feel he was on edge though I calmly walked him and was able to show hi the car at C. We did our test. I messed up on a few circles and the halt. However we came out. I was proud of him but annoyed at myself. Sox handled it very well, second time in that school first test. No bucking, spooking, bolting. I then swapped clothes and took him back, praised him so much then shortly after I set off home. I picked up my result later as I forgot my headcollar and leadrope!
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Very very proud of us both! Considering only 3 days ago I was debating whether to even go. I am very pleased as the mark... Its nice to come first and last at the same time!... even if I was the only one doing Intro A :D


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Feb 8, 2012
You should be incredibly proud of yourself, well done both of you, hard work paying off.

Love the last comment and Sox's face


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Nov 11, 2018
Oh that story's brilliant - it's like the weather at the moment - terrible storms, then a bit of a dull drizzly spell and finally the sun comes out! Good for you.:)