What's the hacking like around near Bath ?


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Jun 21, 2000
Question in the title really - any NR's near Bath ?

What's the hacking like ? Is there any open areas/commons etc where horses are allowed ? :)

skips and soda

Skippy Bum & Skoda Fabia
Sep 15, 2007
South West, Nr. Bath
I live very close to Bath, horses kept about 5-10 mins further away. It's not bad. Really does depend where you're based. Up where my boys are kept the hacking is nice, but quite a lot of road work, we're lucky cos we have farmer's fields we're allowed to go in, but if not it would probably be a bit boring. Down the opposite direction from my yard though, there is some really lush hacking, that's closer to Bath really, near Wellow trekking stables, from where I've been around there, there are loads of bridleways, fields etc. That's only 10 mins drive from the yard I'm on, but totally different hacking, so it really does depend where you're based. I keep meaning to box down there and go for a ride.

The hacking is variable, from where I've been it's a lot of road work in most places but there are bridleways and fields etc. on the whole, particularly if you can get in with local farmers.
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