When to buy your first tack?


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Jan 20, 2016
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(I know I just posted another thread, don't judge!)

If you didn't read the other thread I just posted, I might be leasing a horse this summer. I have my own riding clothes, boots, and half chaps, but that's all. If I start leasing and riding more than twice a week, should I think about getting my own tack? I won't get anything that I don't have to, but if someone's using the tack I normally use, I won't be able to ride. (Things I currently borrow: Saddle, saddlepad+other related things, girth, bridle, and whip. Brushes, blanket, halter, and lead rope are all borrowed from the horse's owner, and I'm the only one that uses it besides her.) I eventually will need all of my own tack because I want to go to a university that has a riding major, but that's a few years away.


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Jan 19, 2005
You fit the tack to the horse your riding though, so whatever you buy it may not fit the ones at Uni, I wouldnt see it as a saddle you can carry around with you as your own to pop on any horse. Generally and sadly that dosent tend to happen!


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May 18, 2009
I am a bit confused, if you are sharing the horse why would someone else be using his/her tack when it's your days? I wouldn't buy tack for a share or to take to Uni, as Gimp says tack is fitted to the individual horse/rider combo so what you buy may not fit any of the horses at Uni.


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Dec 3, 2014
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For now use as much of his own tack etc as you can.
Your tastes may change and yes with a saddle they are generally
fit to a horse.
At uni wouldn't the horses have their own saddles?
All your personal items for sure have your own.


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Dec 20, 2004
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Yep I'd agree with the others, a saddle particularly needs to be brought to fit the horse, and the bit should be selected depending on mouth confirmation and training level too. I would expect any lease horse to be provided with tack.
Now the non riding stuff, brushes, halter, lead etc I would say you can buy those any time (though I would still expect those to be provided with a lease horse) but they are inexpensive and its fun getting your own things so I would go out and enjoy purchasing some of the little things for your loan horse if you wish to :D things like matching boots and pads can be fun to get too and as they are just general sizing not detailed fitting you can often get away with using the same items on multiple horses :D


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Dec 3, 2014
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I did not vet either.
I guess I can see it for people buying a high level jumper- really serious showers - breeders etc.

I ride for fun and pleasure and no matter what no horse will be perfect in a vetting.

Nor was I looking for a many thousands of dollars show horse.

Sonny is worth his weight in GOLD!!;);):D:D

I put my foot in my mouth one time at a place I was taking lessons.
there was a girl kind of snobby touting how good a buy her horse was.
I just off handedly said thats great how much was he??

25.... yes that was awesome for $2500.00


I should have guessed as much when most of the vehicles in the parking lot were
Lincoln Navigators :rolleyes:
If I am going to have a Lincoln its going to be a really nice car!!!
(my little Ford Escort wagon looked out of place in that parking lot)

ugh clearly a lot of snobby people with more money than brains.:confused:
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Dec 21, 2003
In USA cowboys did used to own their own saddle and carry it with them from job to job. But a Western saddle in the 19th century and used over a heavy blanket was not like a modern saddle.
As a sharer and RS rider there are things I own:
I have my own stirrups (2 pairs) and stirrup leathers. You need stirrups to fit the boots you are wearing.
I have once bought reins - I was fed up with the way Maisie's reins were permanently twisted from having been threaded through the throat lash on the bridle. But the new reins were identical and got just as twisted.
I have my iown head collars and lead ropes - different sizes. Both rope and webbing - you use what the owner specifies but most yards have a shortage of head collars.
I bought brushing boots and a new girth sleeve for my share but they were gifts to the owner - who told me what was needed.

Both my share horse and my current hack have high quality tack that fit both me and the horses. But if your lease horse has a saddle that is the wrong size for you, that is a reason for asking the owner to consider buying another. I did offer to buy Maisie a new saddle - but she retired before her saddle actually fell apart.


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Mar 15, 2008
If you lease the horse from a riding school or private owner he/she should come with a saddle and bridle. Rug/blanket if they have one. Who else might use?
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