Winter Survial Guide 2013!!


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Feb 3, 2007
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Winter is certainly on its way! So what's better then getting some good money saving and time saving tips so you can spend more time riding!:biggrin:

My money saving tips;
Picking out hoofs daily, its simple but not everyone does do it daily. Your more likely to spot if anything is wrong with your horses hoofs if you pick them out daily. Better to spot it early and get it treated sooner then a week down the line and it costing double the amount in treatment from the vets as you didnt spot it.

We have a large whiteboard on our yard so if any of the vets are coming we can all club together and share the call out. Saves so much and its so simple!

See if you can buy feed and shavings in bulk ( if you have the storage space) some places will give you discount.

On our yard you can pay someone to bring in/ turn out your horse is you cant get down due to work etc. It can become quite expensive. So see if you can club together with another livery. One of you can turn out and one of you can bring in. Saving you both money in the long run.

If your not really bothered about brands and just want boots that do the job, try looking on ebay or preloved . Getting good boots for half the price of normal!

Rather then buying expensive horsey treats, carrots and apples work a treat . Just hanging them on some orange balin band in the stable can provide a good cheap toy.

Time saving tips;
Fill up all your haynets ( or buy 14!) and fill them all up on a sunday. Then you have enough for the week and saves alot of time if you have woken up late for work in a morning. Plus more time riding.

Put more bedding in on a sunday so you should have enough bedding til the following weekend.

Make up feeds in advance

If the light is fading fast and your horse is covered in mud from the field just brush off the mud where the tack goes, thats the most important, you can always give him a good brush once his been exercised.

If your yard is quite soical and likes a good natter try not to leave it too long talking as once you start talking the time flies by.

Thermals. Thermals and more thermals!

Layers and waterproofs keep me warm. Been wet and cold do not make fast work!

Extra tips!
When the water buckets and water drinkers have frozen in the stables . When putting more water in do half warm half cold. Horses are more likely to drink mildly warm water then cold in artic weather

Buy good quality rugs, there less likely to rip.

Prevention is better then cure. That goes for mud fever too I would rather spend money on over reach boots and brushing boots to protect my horses legs while hacking out then having to give him a few days off or get the vet as he has caught himself or slipped and done some damage while hacking. That could have been prevented by having boots on.


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Oct 13, 2004
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I like the idea of filling lots of nets - I just never seem to get around to buying more, atm I only have 3!!! I must buy some more next time I visit the tack shop.

Another thing I need to buy are more torch batteries - I never seem to have enough and I am using my torch more and more.....


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Jul 18, 2005
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I fill my nets in bulk too :):)

I also fill more trugs with water than I need so if it's icy I don't have to lug water up and down the hill unless they are low

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Aug 17, 2009
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My tips are -
Make a padlock cosy -

Which reminds me, I need to make another inside cosy thing so we can switch them when they get wet.

Make some extra hi viz on the cheap -

Store your bp in your house during colder months, and when you're ready to leave your house, fill up a hot water bottle to put in your bp so its not like cardboard when you come to put it on for a ride. Then use water from in the hot water bottle, which should have cooled but won't be freezing hopefully, to wipe any sweat from your horse with a sponge. - this is if you haven't got facilities!

The usual - colander and hammer for the water trough, if you have to carry your own water, buy one of those aqua roller things that caravan folk use (I got chatting to a work colleague and he sold me an old one for £10) so if you have to trundle water from home, at least you're rolling it and not carrying!

Yaxtracks - an absolute necessity for icey days.

As soon as it snows, clear a path so that it doesn't ice up and get compacted and hang around for months.

If you're storing hay under a tarp in your field, make sure you always remove the snow from the top every day, and make a pitched roof on top of it so the water doesn't soak through and make the hay go mouldy.

Use tyres stacked atop each other on windy days to stuff hay down and stop it going walkabout.

If you haven't got any shelter, consider building one out of straw bales.

Head torch all the way

Baselayer - thin, but toasty warm.
One of those buff like things - I love mine (got it from NR secret santa and I wear it all the time!)
Two pairs of gloves - normal gloves, and then those rubber grip gardening gloves on top for snowy wet days (if you're a cheapo and don't want to buy proper nice gloves!)


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Oct 13, 2004
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Some good tips!
Yes, Yaxrtrax all the way! I could have fallen over loads last winter had I not been wearing mine!!!

And yes, the roller-ball thingies are a must - we have two with our caravan but when temperatures plummet we use them for all manner of water storage - they are a godsend as already said cos they can be rolled, less strained arms!

Love the idea of warming your bp - I must start bringing mine into the house as its freezing in the tack room and its as stiff as a board to wear when colder weather comes.


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Mar 22, 2013
I warm my bp in the hotpress next to the hot water tank :wink:

I have microwavable slippers on the ready for coming home and hot water bottle.

I have thermals and inserts for boots that heat up :giggle:

We have a water container we use to fill up if pipes freeze at yard.

Horses have old duvets under their rugs in very minus cold snaps and saves throwing away good duvets too :wavespin:
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