Zak Dude laying down some rules!

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I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
I've noticed that Zak can be a bit of a kick-along with the girls, but never with me. In a lesson Twin 1 was told to kick him on and he did not react, so she was told to 'kick, kick, kick, BOOT HIM!' and in the end he moved very grumpily. She told me afterwards she knew that wouldn't work very well but felt she could not disobey the RI.

So today I gave them a lesson playing around with cues for moving off the leg and have discovered that if you ask with a gentle squeeze he'll go for you, but if you open the 'moving on negotiations' with a kick he won't. Quite right too. How rude of us not to ask nicely first ;)

Girls both had him happily going from halt to walk to trot on tiny cues and with pretty instant responses. So hopefully no more KICK KICK KICK in lessons :rolleyes:
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