Ziggy's hacking diary: I am BAD


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Mum always comes over at sparrowfart to feed us, and every now and again she takes me out after, so I wasn't too surprised when she put the saddle on the gate while I was eating my breakfast.

But she really annoyed me when she let my dopey mate Mattie into the middle of our field, where the grass is all long and juicy, and then PUT MY TACK ON AND LED ME AWAY!

I know he is a plonker and whinnies all the time whenever I go out, but she doesn't have to stuff his mouth full of grass, does she?

Well, off we went, and I was good for a while but then we had a canter and I thought, Ho, in a hurry, is she? Well there's all that juicy grass waiting at home. I'll show her hurry!

So when she asked me to canter again I did lots of little bucks, but she kept stopping me and making me canter again until I did it without bucking, spoilsport. And then I stuck the bottom of my neck out and pulled, and when she stopped me I grabbed the grass and the gorse, and when I sniffed some poo she gave me a big pony club kick and I bucked to show her who was boss but that didn't work either, honestly, what's a pony to do sometimes? So I settled for jogging whenever I could and trotting REALLY FAST with my head up and a big hole in my back to make her bounce around.

Then nearly home I got a little stone in my huf so I came over all mournful and she hopped off and took the stone out and led me home because she said Trevor the trimmer is coming today and she didn't want him to find me with stones in my hufs.

I was good when she led me but then when we got back to the field I pulled away from her and went trotting over to the gate to the middle bit expecting to get at that juicy grass. BUT SHE SAID NO and put me in the shelter and took my tack off and gave me rotten lousy dry boring HAY. So I shook my ears at her and stamped.

But I ate the hay.

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
I feel your pain Ziggy. My mate Max gets a bucket of Alfa A, some yummy looking mix and lots of speedibeet. My other mate Amber gets a HUUUUUUGE bucket full of all sorts of goodies. And me? I get a measly mouthful of HiFi. Typical. Love from Oscar.
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