Ziggy's hacking diary: lots of trots


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Well I'm sure I remember that Black Beauty said horses ought to be given a Sunday off, but no chance for this pony! There was mum again bright and early and today she put my boots on, and I looked sideways at her 'cos boots always means a long ride.

I wasn't wrong either. We set off down the lane, and that means lots of roadwork, and as soon as we got on to the flat she asked me to trot and she just kept on asking! I tried to prevent the inevitable by spooking at this entirely unexpected and very scary sign:

Anyway, that didn't wash. She just laughed at me and made me touch it.
hack2.jpg So then we trotted along the flat bit through the village. I have to say trotting in my boots is ever so much easier because I don't have to worry about stepping on anything! Which is just as well because we trotted lots today.

Next we turned down where there used to be fields full of cows, but now there are fields full of horses and jumps:
hack3.jpg All the horses came over to say hello but I was good and just walked on. We didn't;t trot that bit.

Next we went through some spooky woods and I knew what was coming, it was the scary bridge:

hack4.jpg I have to go up the steepy at the left and then go across the bridge. Last time I wouldn't go and Mum led me and I thought she might lead me this time too, but no, she made me walk!

I tried walking r e a l l y s l o w l y but she kept her leg on and I had to go forward
hack5.jpg and then when I very bravely stepped onto the bridge damn me if she didn't ask me to stop and touch it!
hack6.jpg anyway I did, and it wasn't that scary really.

The next bit of track is long and flat and really hard and stony. Mum says it used to be for trains but now it is for people and bikes and horses. It was quiet because it was early so we trotted pretty much all the way, until Mum was puffed, anyway. I tried a few little spookies at things like ditches and logs and notices on people's back gates but it didn't get me off trotting.

After a while we crossed a road and then you could see what the track used to be:
hack7.jpg and we trotted all the next bit too except where there were people with puppies and scooters and such. It was nice, I had a good steady trot going, my feet were fine and I was enjoying myself.

Then we turned off the track towards the big hill which takes us home:
hack8.jpg See all that grass? And yummy hogweed? I saw it, you betcha. Mum was trying to take a picture of the little humpy bridge over the water, she says it's industrial archaeology, but I was eating. I don't care what it is. Then when we went over the river one of my boots came off and it fell in the water and went away. Mum was really cross about that, I don't know why, she just took the other one off and we went on without them...

After that it was starting to get hot but we went along nice cool shady tracks
hack9.jpg and I was good for trotting even without my boots. And a little way from home mum jumped off and she nearly fell over, ha ha, she said the trotting was harder on her than me! And she led me home and I always like that bit.

hack10.jpg She says to tell you we did a bit more than 8 miles in an hour and a half including 2 steepies. She knows it's not fast but it's faster than we normally go!

I hope she finds another boot, I like them.
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