Ziggy's hacking diary returns


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Haway all! Ziggy here. No diary for yonks but Mum said she would write this one if I dictated so here goes.

Mum came over today really slowly, she was talking into her little bar thing and wittering about how she was exhausted after doing a big event last night. What was she doing, cross country or showjumping? That's what I want to know. She was talking about cooking but I didn't know events involved cooking but human beans are weird.

These days mum doesn't carry her little clicky thing any more, she just takes her little bar thing out of her pocket and does whatever she does with that. But it doesn't make a noise, so I don't know when she's finished, and I don't know when to whuffle for my treat and stop standing still. It's very confusing. I have to go by the zipper noises and they puzzle me 'cos she's got so many pockets, with treats in one and the little bar thing in another and stuff.

We did hills today, there's a path which goes DOWN really really steeply through some bushes with big shiny dark green leaves. It's really really narrow soft and nice for my feet, and because it's so narrow I can grab bits of grass which are right under my nose. Result! Then you go along the bottom on the flat and then you turn and come all the way back UP really steeply, and because that bit's the start of the way home I would like to hurry, but I can't 'cos it's really really stony. Otherwise I would canter. But I don't.

On the way back we went on a new path, which used to be all gorse bushes but someone has eaten them all right down to the ground to make it flat. Mum said she was doing some kind of a test about how I would go on a place I hadn't been before but I didn't care because we were going home.

Mum said I wasn't quite as Good a Boy today as earlier in the week because I pulled a bit on the way home, but in the end I calmed down and enjoyed myself. It was nice and cool even though it was sunny, and I didn't sweat as much as the other day. I got big pats and treats for doing long steady trots as well so that was cool.

The only bad thing about this trip though, on both the paths there are loads of these great big LOGS just lying there beside the path. Doesn't Mum know that wolves hide in them? She laughs at me when I walk sideways to look at them as we go past. I don't think that's very nice.

Anyway she says she took some pictures to show you and here they are. There's one of some bluebells by the path and my ears. And there's one of the steep big-green-leaf-bush path going down and my ears. And one of the really narrow bit so you can see how narrow it is, and my ears. And one coming back up where we can't canter, and my ears. And one on the new path. And my ears.

Don't ask me why there's ears in all the pictures. Human beans are weird.
Hack1.jpg Hack2.jpg Hack3.jpg Hack4.jpg Hack5.jpg


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Apr 24, 2011
Thanks Ziggy for the lovely update, hope you will start to dictate more often to your mum so we can all hear what you are getting up to. Love the pictures, you do have cute ears :D
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