Introductions here please!


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Feb 16, 2013
Just noticed this sticky - d'uh! I'm Amanda, live in beautiful Buckinghamshire, mum of 2 kids aged 3 and 1, and new horse owner. I was a pony-mad teen but didn't ride during my 20s as was living in London and building up a career. Started again in my 30s, with breaks to have babies, and now at the grand old age of 37 I have FINALLY realised the dream I've had since I was 10 and have my own horse, Poppy, a beautiful 10-year old 15.1 black Irish cob. It's pretty hectic juggling motherhood, work and horse ownership, but it's a good sort of hectic. Still getting used to having a horse - turns out riding once or twice a week doesn't prepare you for ANYTHING - but have a supportive yard and husband so count myself very lucky indeed!


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May 25, 2000
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Hey everyone! I'm Anna (not sure my username should've been my real name but hey ho :wink:) and I used to be on NR years ago so I'm a returnee to one of the friendliest forums I know!!

My little family consists of -
Paddy - 15.1 TB x Quantock (Exmoor x Arab). Loves: SJ, Funrides and on a good day likes a little dressage/flat work. Dislikes: Lorries and Tractors coming towards him which makes his mum nervous too :wink: Hence semi-retirement as no horse box atm and hacking with him makes mum :frown:

Missy - Border x Lakeland Terrier. Loves: Coming to work everyday with mum, chasing balls, barking with excitement, bones. Dislikes: Having nails trimmed

Noah - Shorthaired grey cat. Loves: Mum when he wants something, playing with mice, cheese. Dislikes: rain

Spring and Summer - lambs. Love: Grass and weeds. Dislike: nettles

New hacking pony - to be confirmed (maybe):smile:


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Dec 17, 2012
Hi Anna:) welcome back:)) I'm fairly newish ( dec 2012) and your right they are such a lovely bunch of people have helped me so so much with my mare- I often lurk as my life's always on go so u very rarely get to reply properly in here, but I keep up to date with everyone's comings and goings as they are such a lovely bunch:)) ( oh no, just re-read that and realised I sound like a proper stalker:/, I'm not, I promis!!!!) welcome bk anyway Hun xx


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May 25, 2000
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Heehee Bonbon25, you can't beat a bit of stalking :giggle: I totally agree, everyones so helpful on this site and it's great to keep up to date with comings and goings - we all become friends :smile: Lets be honest there are times when we can feel a little isolated in our horsey world and there are always plenty of ups and downs so its nice to have some virtual support :wink:

Wally: Missymoo photo's why of course, I can easily oblige with these (well if I manage to attach them):smile:


Miss 01-11-10.jpg


Mintas 07-04-10 011.jpg



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Sep 1, 2013
First timer!

Hi, my name is Jo, I'm 54! I'm married with a 17 year old son. I work full time, and in my spare time help home retired greyhounds. I have 2 myself. I am a senior homing assistant with greyhounds4u.

I've loved horses for as long as I can remember. I never had riding lessons when young as my mum and dad couldn't afford them. Then life happened, and thoughts of riding got pushed to the back of my mind.

Till now, at the age of 54. Whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire, I plucked up courage to go on my own on a horse ride to the beach. At least 40 odd years since I even sat on a horse. :frown:

It was fantastic, I was slightly nervous as no one else had hold of the reins other than me (what the hell do I do!)

But my horse was a plodder, and had made that journey a hundred times or more before so was very forgiving, although had a tendency to keep stopping.

I learnt to trot....eventually (although lots of work still needed).

When the ride was over I was so happy and pleased with myself. It also rekindled a passion that was lying in wait to surface yet again.

So now I am having lessons, well I've had one. I loved it and am looking forward to having more (for as long as I can afford it). I will never be able to afford my own horse, but as long as I can learn to ride safely and proficiently, and understand how the horse moves I will continue.

My first lesson (assessment) I was doing quite well, until I decided to provide some light relief whilst trying to get off the horse....I got stuck, half on half off..Was quite embarrasing whilst next door the little children were hopping on and off no problem.

So here I am, at half a century, embarking on a new path, horses.

Please forgive my ramblings. :biggrin:


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Hi all I'm Shivvy I'm 40 something and have been riding on and off since my childhood with two large gaps. I've recently started riding my Haffie mare again after a 7 year break and she is helping me restore my confidence and find my brave pants. I also have a rescue mare poss NF lines / cob and a cob lodger, two dogs a cat chickens and some geese, and a talking parrot.

Looking forward to chatting this forum looks friendly.:happy:
Oct 29, 2013
Hello, newbie here

Evening everyone
Have been reading all your posts for sometime now, so finally paid subscription to become a member. I'm 40 something housewife mother superstar and work 3 part-time jobs. I have my lovely little man who is a ginga ninja 17hh British Warmblood, so laid back he's practically comatose unless he spots a cow!! My daughter has a mini ginga ninja 13.2hh ISP who is a cheeky little chap!!
Fraid to say my love is hacking, absolutely detest schooling so does my horse. He is a retired dressage horse but has found the joys of hacking, so we both take off mooching here and there and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. At the weekends daughter and pony joins us too. :smile:
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