Normal Behaviour For You, That Other People Don't Have.


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Mar 15, 2008
I was talking to a lady that has horse who won't come to call..
This is normal for me, well i have encouraged her to come, not charge! Keen didn't cover it, she had to learn i could be knocked flat.
So this aside what does your horse do or behaviour you have that is normal that Other People either question or wonder how you do it

I do liberty groundwork so i do expect to have a willing cob who stays with me. She will do a 20 metre circle loose, and jumps loose with me. These are low as i will fall over. I have actually always done that nothing to do with nh, bit of childhood stuff not let go of. But works. Obviously this did look strange until horse agility appeared on the scene. Some of us have been doing that sort of stuff for years, handy pony.
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Dark Storm

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Jan 4, 2009
It takes time to build a good relationship with a horse, Shadow comes to call when he's hungry, if he's got enough grass, he'll acknowledge me, but makes me go and get him.. NF you may find Tilley will change completely towards you after all what's gone on with her, you might not realize straight away, but with all the tlc she's been getting from you, she will at some point express her gratitude..
I'm at that point with Shadow, that just a look from me, is enough to remind him who's boss, it's almost a telepathic response.. He's entire behaviour towards me is different than how he is with other people.. We have had recent glitches, but it is getting better again, I think with me not being well, and not spending enough time with him is the reason behind his barging, and being naughty for sharer..

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
My horse doesn't 'talk' to me. I have heard him neigh, but only when he's meeting new horses or greeting his fieldmate after he's been at a show all day. Everyone always comments on how quiet he is, especially when you hear the shreak his fieldmate makes. He also doesn't come to call - during the summer like DS's shadow and has only started to realise his name in the last little while.


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Dec 11, 2009
North East Linconshire
Coby comes to call and walks, turns and stops with me ... whether on a line or not. Again that comes from the liberty work, pole work and jumping.

He will wait until i`ve tied up the haynets, and give me space to do so, even if he`s really hungry ... Doodle does that too, again it`s something i ask for and expect, as with my illness i can`t battle with them. Makes for an easier life for us all.

He also honks a horn and jingles his bells, but that`s a whole different thread :giggle:


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
Yes not snatching hay is a big rule. As us moving about without direct touch.

Madam has good manners (unless I touch her and she flips a lid)... Piggywig well I shan't go there - he is a little less sensitive to presure shall we say :giggle:


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Mar 2, 2006
Mine have to be well behaved in the field with me and also my dogs. I do not tolerate my dogs chasing horses or the horses chasing the dogs, however my YOs dogs chase other horses constantly and she doesn't tell them off!!! It makes me MAD!!! Also I often change rugs loose in the field, I didn't realise how good my horses are with this until the new arrival recently and this mare took 2 hours for my sharers (who are horse sitting whilst I'm on holiday) to catch and put her rug back on because she spooked at it initially!

I expect mine to come to call and walk up in pairs to the stables, turning to close gates on our way. Sometimes we come up in a trio but I leave Moët loose to follow and don't close the gates.

I expect mine to stand at a mounting block and don't walk off when I get on.
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Jun 1, 2009
I am trying to build up working off the lunge with my cob but he's not quite getting there yet. He finds the exit to the school more appealing than me. He does however back up to the rear of the stable when i come with his tea, he knows he won't get it otherwise.

Mouse is different, he is a really quick learner and works with me off lunge and is now voice trained, it's harder getting my daughter to use voice command with him instead of the clicking noises she has inherited from the RS. :frown:


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Mar 15, 2008
Tilley has found her voice since being in. All the horses are in currently 24.7. She nickers but i think that is feed me, i am starving.
It will be interesting if the bond changes. She is just starting to get grumpy. Been in total 5 feels with vet weeks included. Can't blame her.


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Apr 20, 2003
Kiki comes to her name and a whistle (she's got better recall than my dog). :giggle: She also follows me loose in the field through weave poles and over jumps.

I expect all my horses to have their rugs changed, be groomed, feet picked out and sometimes feet trimmed loose in the field. They all back away from my space with a hand gesture or when hearing the word 'back' (in case I have my hands full).


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When I take mine into the school I leave them loose and I tell them to 'stand on your mat' Whether Lady, my 18 yr old or one of the youngsters we always do this first. Then I can adjust girth, stirrups reins etc as they stand. Plus they get 'click' reward which makes a good start.


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Jun 6, 2011
Mine doesn't do anything out of the ordinary...although her neighbours owners are Jealous that Scarlet responds to my car and or voice as soon as I turn up at the yard.

She normally comes to call in the field and I can keep her back while i tie up her net by saying back and wait...this is a recent development and proud of how fast she has got it :smile:

Waikato Valuta

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Aug 8, 2002
My horses used to come running when they were in a small field and were getting hard fed. Now they just put their heads up and start to graze in my general direction. No hurry girls. Occasionally if they are all excited they will run over. They are in a 30-40 acre paddock with enough grass to eat all day long.

Millie suffers from separation anxiety so I understand why she might be reluctant to come over and leave the others. Maddock is 21 and always puts in the least amount of effort required. Kayla is a bouncy 5yo and is normally the one to meet me 5-10 m from the other horses but she doesn’t leave them completely.

I expect my horses to be able to back up off voice. Stand to have their feet picked up while lose in the paddock. Kiss, hug and follow me over poles and jumps. Walk through ever puddle of water we come to. It doesn’t always go to plan but most of the time it does.


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Jun 1, 2009
Mine doesn't do anything out of the ordinary...although her neighbours owners are Jealous that Scarlet responds to my car and or voice as soon as I turn up at the yard.

Mine does this also, strange how they know your car, must be a sixth sense as we have had a few cars over the years and they know it's me straight away.


My two do most of the 'special' things I've taught them to do for other people who handle them as well. The major exception is probably Rio, who will stand quietly and let me inject her for her booster, but I doubt would do that for anyone else, let alone the vet.

I don't expect mine to come to call unless they're hungry, at all other times they have everything they could possibly want as horses out in the field. How interested they are in me when I show up is a useful barometer of how much food or rugging they might need.


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Oct 29, 2007
Brighton, East Sussex
Izzy does a lot at liberty with me that most others on our yard won't do.

He is also very spook busted as I do lots of messing about with him. So now, he will pretty much let me put anything on him and walk through whatever I ask him to, even at liberty.

He can be a right b*gger though if he wants to make a point and does stupid things that everyone laughs at. If I am trotting without stirrups and concentrating on staying on my steering goes to pot - so Izzy just trots into the fence at every corner and stops. Then he turns his head and just looks at me like 'You weren't steering so here we are!' Little git - he hates trotting without stirrups. It cracks my RI up.:bounce:


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May 20, 2001
Mine don't do anything special either. :eek:

Although Minnie will come and pick me up at the gate (but not when I call her lol) and she'll walk and stop when I walk or stop without a halter.

Sometimes when I had her in the cross ties grooming or doing another thing and then unbuckle her she will just stay as if still tied until I remember to tell her she's free to go which is kind of weird to remember: Oh my horse is still frozen! -got to go release her.


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Sep 14, 2009
Tobes always comes galloping when I call for him. Not into an immediate gallop, wanders for a bit keeping an eye and then comes galloping.

But apart from nickering when he hears my car (according to friend), thats is all.

Certainly is not joined up with me!


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Mar 15, 2008
Tobes always comes galloping when I call for him. Not into an immediate gallop, wanders for a bit keeping an eye and then comes galloping.

But apart from nickering when he hears my car (according to friend), thats is all.

Certainly is not joined up with me!

Sounds positive to me. A horse who wants to be with you is useful. Best place as any to start the relationship.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Ziggy comes to call, stands untied to be groomed and tacked up, follows me out of the shelter to the gate and so on. He's like a big dog. I love it.

He still tanks off with me, but hey ho!
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