Post a photo 2021 edition


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
If your dressed properly its BEAUTIFUL DAY.

We opened up all the gates for a while to let Lincoln and the others mingle so they can eventually all be together.

It was tense at first we worry lots with Lincoln because he was the one with the broken neck as a baby.

My husband and I both sat in there.
At first.
KINLEY chased him a bit he looked a little lost but was looking around.
Us being in there was good and bad as they pushed for attention and it was harder.
My husband wasn't far off working on the atv cart. And I was In cavaletti pen playing with Sonny .. we both kept an eye..

They did settle down. And at one point Lincoln was in their nite area looking i
Thru the strip door Into their clubhouse .
The others went in his area and nosed around..

Then we unloaded hay in the horses barn
Kept watching and everyone was eating nicely. Woo hoo.

Hes back in his area now but we will work to longer and eventully all together

I'm EXHAUSTED... its worrying that everyone will play nice in the sand box...
20210313_135531.jpg 20210313_134730.jpg 20210313_135038.jpg 20210313_142759.jpg 20210313_143524.jpg 20210313_144456.jpg
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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Omg its nasty out 13 f real temp zero f windchill..
It won't be above freezing today.
Thank god god it will be a little better tomorrow .

But most all snow and ice is gone and its bright sun so I can't complain too much.

bad tornadoes down south and
places with 2 to FOUR FEET of snow yesterday
In Colorado And Wyoming.

No one wanted to be outside so I gave everyone hay inside and out.
Both horses stayed in.

The goats all came up here and it was a hard decision Lincoln clearly wanted to be with everyone else so I opened all the gates.
IF things are not settled for him to go in with them for sleepy time the gates are all open so he could go to either of his clubhouses.

They are all eating together and kinley did start pestering him moving him along a bit.
I'm still keeping a good eye with the cameras.
20210315_082046.jpg 20210315_081806.jpg 20210315_081726.jpg 20210315_081828.jpg


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Yes ...Yea no white....

And teeny tiny bits of green starting.


APRIL 1 1997....

We got 26 inches.

That was NASTY...and its always in the back of your mind.

10 day forecast looks good though
Lots of mid to high 50,s f.
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